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​​About Us​​​

After decades of operating as individual YMCAs, Territory YMCAs have  amalgamated into one organisation: 

The YMCA of the Northern Territory

We understand that to play our role in building Happy, Healthy Communities, we have to be effective, efficient and sustainable.​
We now have an enhanced capacity to partner, with Government, business and charities. We have a bigger brand footprint and potential to impact across the Territory.
With stronger governance (including formal community representation from each region) and better staff and volunteer support thanks to enhanced training, policies and processes, we have the opportunity to regenerate the Y in the Territory, with new volunteer and staff positions and new expertise onboard.
Government funded programs and policy will now be delivered across the Territory, not just Darwin centric and service delivery will become a key focus for us. We have the ability to address Territory wide social issues and will offer high quality and sustainable service delivery, targeted to specific communities. 
Partnerships are critical to our success and we will have a shared value approach with partners and seek to work with Government, business and other charities to address local needs.
Our core belief​We are inspired by the power of young people
Our core focus​Working with young people, particularly indigenous young people
Our role​Providing opportunity for all people to be more active, to help communities target diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, mental health issues​​

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