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The Remote Pools Project

Become a volunteer. Join our Remote Pools Program.

Open positions – actively recruiting:

Help make meaningful change in Remote Communities this summer by joining a team of likeminded volunteers to improve the health and wellbeing of remote communities.

We are recruiting passionate individuals for the following positions:

  • Pool coordinators
  • Pool lifeguards

Please see Position Descriptions​ for more information about these roles.

About the Remote Pools Project:

The Remote Pools Program is a YMCA community health program aimed at improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of remote communities in Kintore, Santa Teresa & Areyonga.

2021/22 Program period: November 2021 – March 2022

Locations: Kintore, Santa Teresa & Areyonga

The programs is designed to improve health and education in remote communities and promote positive long-term health outcomes for all.

Program goals:

  • To operate safe and secure pools for all; building much needed water safety awareness, training & tuition in remote communities.
  • To improve water safety among remote Aboriginal communities.
  • To promote healthy behaviours and reduce issues around chronic illnesses and infectious diseases.
  • To bring communities together, better connecting locals with each other.
  • To reduce skin infections, including scabies.
  • To reduce ear infections & hearing loss.

Volunteer benefits:

When you join the Remote Pools Project volunteer team you become part of the Y movement, a supportive and inspirational network connected by likeminded goals and beliefs.

There are extensive personal benefits to volunteering in the program; some of which include:

  • Connections. Making new lifelong friendships & join a network of likeminded individuals 
  • Education. Gaining new skills, training & experiences.
  • ​Be inspired. Being inspired by the challenge, adventure & being part of positive societal change.
  • Learn. Gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture & contribute to the reconciliation movement.


    To learn more about the roles on offer and the Remote Pools Program make an enquiry:
    Or call us on: 0498 663 211​

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