Gym@CDU Personal Training and External Room Hire

Personal Training

Whether you're a member at the Gym@CDU or a casual visitor, you can benefit from our personal training services and programs. Contact our fantastic staff at the Centre to find out more information.

External Room Hire

Are you a personal trainer, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or qualified sports professional looking for a venue to train your personal clients on a one-on-one basis or to instruct a group session? The Gym@CDU can offer you a space on a fee for hire basis at very reasonable rates. Contact our fantastic staff at the Centre for more information.

Gym@CDU External Room Hire

​For your one-on-one sessions, the Gym@CDU offers:
  • ​-  An uncrowded, clean and spacious gym with a friendly atmoshpere
    -  Suitable equipment for clients undergoing rehabilitation as well as aspiring athletes
    -  Functional movement area with rings, plyo boxes and much more
    -  New Integrity machines working uni- and bilateral, suitable for rehab training
    -  Free weight area including power racks
    -  Extra room for private consultation
  • -  Speak to our fantastic staff for more information


​For Group Sessions, the Gym@CDU offers:
  • ​-  200 sqm group fitness room equipped for up to 30 people
    -  Non-slip floor
    -  One solid wall suitable for exercises
    -  One mirrored wall
    -  Movable stage
    -  Hi-fi equipment suitable for your iPod and CD's
  • -  Speak to our fantastic staff for more information
  • Please note: our group fitness room has a mirrored wall, therefore no ball games are allowed.