Gym@CDU Group Fitness

The Gym@CDU offers a variety of 30 group fitness classes per week, each class runs for 45 min if not highlighted otherwise. We can accommodate for up to 35 participants per class, no bookings required. Keep an eye on our Group Fitness Timetable and our variety of classes.

We have no pre-designed classes. Our qualified fitness instructors create their own routines which allows them to tailor the exercises to the fitness levels and the preferences of the participants. Beginners can join any of our classes at any time.                     

As a rule we value correct movement and our members' safety when exercising above rapid progress; we believe in quality over quantity.

Please note: there are no group fitness classes on public holidays.

Group Fitness Timetable

CDU GF Timetable Feb 20.JPG

Variety of Classes

​Total Body​A full body workout incorporating strength & cardio. Looking to work everything at once, then this is the class for you.​45 minutes​High
Powerbar​Increases endurance, muscle tone and strength using weight plates and bars. Please arrive 10 mins early to allow sufficient time to set up your weights​45 minutes​Medium
​HIIT IT​HIIT IT is a high intensity interval training​45 minutes​High
Strength​Supervised strength, flexibility and balance using various gym equipment​45 minutes​Medium
Low Impact​Ideal for seniors and people who are getting back into exercise after a long break or injury. Low impact moves, full-body workout​45-60 minutes​Low
Powerbar​​Increases endurance, muscle tone and strength using weight plates and bars. Please arrive 10 mins early to allow sufficient time to set up your weights. ​45 minutes​Medium
​Cardio Punch​Full-body workout which combines simple boxing moves and bodyweight exercises, no boxing experience required, no sparring​45 minutes​High
ABT​Abs/Booty/Thighs - The ultimate total body workout​45 minutes​Medium
​Yoga​Stretches your body and relaxes your mind. The specific style depends on the teacher taking the class and all teachers adapt the poses to suit any age or experience45-60 minutes​​Low
​Zumba​Take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity Latin and world rhythm moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party​45 minutes​Medium
​Pilates​Method of choice to increase core stability and correct posture. It trains balance, flexibility and body awareness and helps you to relax​60 minutes​Low
Circuit​High Intensity Interval training (HIIT); cardio and strength exercises.​45 minutes​High
Spin​High intensity interval workout. Work up a sweat, burn calories and improve your Fitness.​45 minutes​High


Class Etiquette:

  • - Please arrive 5 minutes prior to commencement of class.
  • - Please bring a towel and water bottle.
  • - Please notify reception of your arrival and indicate class selection.
  • - Closed in toe shoes must be worn.
  • - Age restrictions apply.