Gym@CDU Facilities

Besides a friendly smile and professional advice we provide​ 
  • ​- 500 sqm air-conditioned facilities
  • - New equipment
  • - Big functional movement area
  • - Seperate stretching area
  • - Free lockers, change rooms and showers
  • - Free parking and bike racks
  • - Disability access

Gym@CDU Team

The staff at The GYM@CDU are friendly, supportive and professionally qualified. We all share a passion for fitness and aim to help you achieve your goals. We strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service, one-on-one training as well as a selection of group fitness classes.​ ​

Liviu Schera - Health Club Attendant and Personal Trainer

I'm a Romanian Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in love with physical activity since… forever. Meet Liviu.

Carolyn Schulz - Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

I love the privilege of being a part of someone's life, sharing their wins and witnessing their excitement as they progress. Meet Carolyn.

Paula Martin - Group Fitness Instructor

Exercise helps us feel better, it relieves stress and worries and helps with your daily life, particularly as we get older. Meet Paula.

Trinesh Adari - Health Club Attendant and Personal Trainer 

We are in an era where anything is possible. Meet Trinesh.



​​ Liviu Schera - Health Club Attendant and Personal Trainer

Liviu is the powerhouse of The Gym@CDU. If you've ever seen him run a class you'll understand! His passion for fitness is very motivating and inspiring to many of our members.

A little about me…

I'm a Romanian group fitness instructor and personal trainer in love with physical activity since… forever. I came to Darwin at the beginning of February 2016 in the middle of the build-up and it was quite an experience to adjust to it.

You will often find me…

In a gym practicing new exercises, preparing for my classes, having a chat with… you, maybe?

My Favourite quote…

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." ― Henry Ford

What I love about fitness and health is…

I love how starting to exercise regularly can transform a person both physically, but especially, mentally in a positive way and I am very happy when I can be a part of it.

My approach to fitness…

I believe in pushing your own limits. Safely. It doesn't matter that much WHAT are you doing, but HOW. That means that the technique is the key.

My hidden talents…
I am a geek. I love computers, gadgets and programming. I can even create simple web pages.

My specialty…
I believe that bodyweight exercises are the most effective and fun way to exercise, to maintain, lose or gain weight. But I also like to use core weight lifting exercises, battle ropes, kettlebell, TRX suspension training and the bosu ball in my own workouts and with my clients.
Professional Qualifications and Achievements

Professional qualifications

  • - Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • - Certified Pilates instructor
  • - Certified Metafit® HIIT Training instructor
  • - Certified TRX® Suspension Training® instructor
  • - Professional workshop STRETCH AND STRENGTH CONCEPTS: PNF
  • - Certified Les Mills instructor in Grit series, Body Pump and CX Works


Carolyn Schulz - Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Carolyn has been working for CDU for over 13 years, what a trooper! She is a qualified group fitness instructor and personal trainer with years of dedication and experience up her sleeve.

A little about me…

I am 48 years old and have three daughters. I've worked at the CDU gym for about 13 years, making me the longest serving staff member. My husband and I run a local business, NTRS (NT Recycling Solutions), I work as the Business Development Manager.

In 2008 I won the Masters category in a Natural Body Building competition in memory of my sister who died from melanoma. Through this competition I promoted Sun Smart with the assistance of the NT Cancer Council.

In 2012 I won the Northern Territory Australian Training Award for my Cert IV in Personal Training.

You will often find me…

Trying to balance life between my role as a fitness instructor, business woman, wife and mother, all which I love and am grateful for.

My Favourite quote…

"Tell' em there dreamin'" from the movie The Castle.

What I love about fitness and health is…

I love the privilege of being a part of someone's life, sharing their wins and witnessing their excitement as they progress. My other favourite thing is all the crazy faces participants pull when they are struggling to get through a track during a class, I love it!

My approach to fitness…

When it comes to working towards being fitter and healthier I truly believe anyone can do it, it is not a measure of someone's wealth, education, social stature or cultural background, but more of their determination and will. Some people are genetically advantaged physically, but body size, weight and bulging muscles is not the only measure of success. When you have adapted a healthy active lifestyle, as an individual you should gain more energy, strength, agility, experience less stress, sickness and achieve a sense of pride and wellbeing. All of this helps people to deal with everyday life. I see my role as to customise and motivate in a realistic and positive way.

My hidden talents…

Pretending to do up my shoe lace or check my music during a class when I am tired, trust me I know all the tricks.

My specialty…

Weights resistance strength training, especially for women. A holistic approach to strengthening not just the physical body but also our minds and emotions. Often our harshest critic is the conversations we have on our own heads


​​​ Paula Martin - Group Fitness Instructor

Paula has been with our gym for over 12 years. She started group fitness classes and still runs classes every week like a clockwork.

A little about me...

I moved to Australia in 1982 and started work as a nurse  in 1989. I realised that what I really wanted to do was help keep people healthy rather than nursing them when they got sick, so I started working as a freestyle fitness instructor and Aquarobics instructor and have been working in fitness ever since.

I've lived in Palmerston for 33 years and worked in many different gyms around Darwin and Palmerston. I've taught Aquarobics at many public pools in the Top End and even the odd hotel pool over the years. I have three wonderful children, my youngest is now 15 years old.

You will often find me...

During the dry season, out bush walking and camping with my partner Allan or other family and friends in the wonderful NT Outback. Going a bit silly in the Wet season and eating lots of mangos, going to the cinema, playing Candy Crush and having a great Christmas, my favourite time of year.

My Favourite quote...

"Illegitimi non carborundum" google it!

What I love about fitness and health is...

The social aspect of the classes, meeting new friends and old. Exercise helps you feel better and cope better as it relieves stress and worries and helps you with your daily life activities and chores, particularly as we get older.

My approach to fitness...

First and foremost fitness should be fun, otherwise why would you continue taking part in something you don't like doing? I also think you are never too old to start a fitness routine, whether it be gym classes, walking, using the gym machines, swimming, cycling or any other type of fitness exercise.

First and foremost
I can tell a good joke or story. I love organising social events, including display teams and parties.

My specialty...

There's a lot of different classes I instruct,  from choreography styled classes to new body with hand weights, circuit classes, power bar, TBT, chair aerobics, to name a few.

Fitness related qualifications...

  • - Certificate lll in Fitness
  • - Registered level 2 gym instructor and Group Exercise Instructor
  • - Aquarobics (Queen) Instructor

Sports related achievements...

Was never a sporty person in my early years but discovered running after the age of 50. Sadly not able to run seriously anymore due to health issues, but ran the City to Surf five times and The Bridge to Brisbane once, what a buzz!


Trinesh Adari - Health Club Attendant and Personal Trainer

Trinesh started his fitness career in 2016 at our gym. With his bight smile and caring character he won staff and members' hearts in no time.


A little about me...

It gives me a great satisfaction to learn new things and that's not just fitness related but from anything and everything. One of the best ability of me is that I can adapt to new environments, places and physical demands quickly. I believe that's the best thing about being a human being, we can all adapt to things (some slowly but surely). We live in an era where anything is possible. Resources are at your fingertips, all you have to do is make a choice.

My approach to fitness...

1. I am learning that all you have to do is move, move and move in all different directions and patterns
3. Drink water and eat real food

My favourite quote...

One day, your heart will stop beating, and none of your fears will matter. What will matter is how you lived. - Henri Junttila

My hidden talents...

I can finish 1 whole pack of Original potato chips in one setting?

Fitness related qualifications...

  • - Cert III and IV in Fitness
    - So many things to learn still...