​​​​​​​​​​About vacation care

YMCA Vacation​ Care is more than a necessity for many parents; it’s an opportunity for your child’s life to be enriched by new experiences, knowledge, places and people.

The children’s interests are the foundations of our programs. Activities are structured to include activities children choose to do, developing their independence and life skills. Our Vacation Care programs encourage children to be involved in a variety of activities, including art, craft, cooking, sport, dance and drama.


Driver and Durack OSHC

Per day, per child: $53 (permanent) and $58 (casual).

Special Education OSHC

Per day, per child: $95

When d​o we provide vacation care?

We provide vacation care during school holidays:

​Monday to Friday from 6.30 AM til 6.00 PM

And also on pupil free days from 6.30 AM til 6.00 PM.

Part of our Out​​​side S​​chool Hours Care programs

YMCA Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is a home-away-from-home for children preschool -12 – a place to have fun, be active and explore their potential. We are located at the schools venues. Our child-focused, stimulating activities reflect kids’ interests; nutritious snacks provided to fuel for learning and playing with friends, qualified staff ensure safe, nurturing, values-driven care. In addition to vacation care, we also run after school c​are during the school term.


We provide after school care at:

Your child does not have to attend​​​ these schools to enrol in our programs.

Our educ​​ators

Our educators pride themselves on the high level of supervision that is provided at our services and child protection is our highest priority. All staff at YMCA have got their safeguarding children certificate. 

Govern​​ment support

Our services are subsidised by the Federal Government, through the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate schemes.

Contact Us

Are you interested in vacation care? 
Call us on (08) 8981 8377 or send us an email.

Office opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm.​​


Vacation Care Form
Booking Form- Driver OSHC Vacation Care
Booking Form- Durack OSHC Vacation Care
Vacation Care Highlights
Week 1 and 2- Durack Vacation Care Program
Week 3 and 4- Driver Vacation Care Program
Week 3 and 4- Durack Vacation Care Program
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